I give All Honor to the Spirit of the Living God
I give All honor to the Spirit of the Living God and to All the Heavenly Angels that have seen it fitting to encamp around me throughout my Life

From as long as I can remember, there has been a drive inside of my conscious to always want to do something that no one else have ever Done.

This collage of Memorabilia, is only but a snap-shot or a glimpse of what it has been like to travel in the shoes of myself.

Truly All-Mighty God has been guiding me, even when I did not have the sense of Maturity to distinguish the hand of my Creator.

I have travelled World Wide and can attest to the many people that I have been so privilege to not only meet, but to call some of these folk my very good friends.

Life has certainly taught me that "All things work together for good for those that are called by His Name (Jesus) and if we would only accept and consider daily, that we as Human Beings had nothing what's so ever to do with our very existence, as we should know that it is not my strength or my might that has brought me this far, but the Grace and Mercy of a Truly Good God who by His very nature is able to provide unconditional Love which for the most part should be able to be seen by All, as we journey through this maze of wonderment while we yet breathe.

From a child, I have always endeavored to do for self. Now as an Adult, much of my life experiences is written in my first book entitled "Dotting the eyes and crossing the t's by...........Donal, which should be available to the general public by the Spring of 2018

Do Enjoy the Journey.

Best Always,